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Designer, Barbara Moody

Snap 2it (*)

Snap 2it (*)

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Sometimes it is the simple things that make a fun kit. This is one of them.
Snap 2it!
Designed by Barbara Moody - Apache Junction, AZ
The snap makes all the difference.
So easy to wear around the wrist, or around the ankle.
I love how Barbara beaded the snap.
There are enough beads in each kit to do a 10" length!
So everyone...Snap 2it and make this yours! - Stitch: Brick Stitch
I have it in great colorways.
Tortilla Flats (colors of the desert and mountains in early spring as you drive to Torilla Flats, AZ)
Shell (colors of the shells on the beach)
Lagoon (Water tones)
Lilac (Perfect mix of Lilac colors of spring)
Jingle Bells (yes the bonus are the bells)
Fairaisle (perfect mix for fall)
Take a look at a short help video on starting the Snap 2it kit.

Help Video

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