All About the Neutrals!

All About the Neutrals!

This month we're all about the neutrals! As we transition from winter to spring and into our bright spring wardrobes, neutrals make the perfect pairing. 

Rose quartz and Serenity( a  cool, whimsical blue that melts with the warm quartz to create a lovely shade of purple) are the Pantone colors for Spring 2016. In fashion we are seeing all sorts of bright, BRIGHT colors.  Vibrant pinks, blues, and purples complemented by pops of orange and yellow are hitting the stores and inching their way into our wardrobes. But what to do with all of this new found color?!? This is the perfect time to play with the nuetral jewelry trend. Whether its a classic cuff bracelet like the Ndebele or something a bit more trendy like the our Nuetral starnding necklace (Long necklaces are HOT for summer!), you can't go wrong. AND they go with EVERYTHING!

Neutrals have really come a long way. We are no longer chained to black, white, and gray. There's camel, blush, a muted lilac, cream, sand, nude, deep brown.......the list is endless. There is literally something for everyone.



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