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 Welcome to Glass Garden Beads and Brigg Evans Textile Design, your go-to destination for a delightful array of bead and textile kits tailored for the Hobby Industry. Nestled in the heart of Historic Downtown Faribault, MN, our creative hub operates within the Bachrach Building, a space that echoes with history and inspiration.

Having evolved from a traditional retail model, we have transitioned our Business Platform to prioritize SERVICE, TEACHING, and DESIGN. Beyond offering an extensive range of bead and textile kits for hobbyists, we have expanded our focus to provide enriching teaching opportunities and classes. Our commitment extends to not only nurturing the joy of crafting but also offering repair services for your beloved creations. Additionally, our "Tiny Shop" is a haven we affectionately term a Stitching Shop, where creativity knows no bounds.

Specializing in "Off-Loom" Beading and Textile Stitch Embellishing, we invite you to explore the world of intricately stitched designs that go beyond conventional methods. Our kits, featuring Seed Beads, Delica Beads, and more, are meticulously crafted to inspire your creative journey.

With our recent changes, including downsizing and a move to the Lower Level of the Bachrach Building, we assure you that accessing our haven is as convenient as ever. Elevator or stairs, your journey to creativity awaits.

As a casual hobby business, our schedule may vary, so be sure to check our Hours Page for the latest updates. Join us at Glass Garden Beads and Brigg Evans Textile Design, where every visit promises a blend of history, creativity, and a warm welcome into our Stitching Shop community.

Never hesitate to contact me: 507-330-1367 Suz.

Meet the team!

Suz Klumb / Store Owner/Kit Creator/Textile Designer.

As a Textile Designer, my professional journey is a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of artistic visions, fueled by an unyielding passion for innovation and creativity. Currently, I find myself immersed in a dual role that seamlessly blends my expertise in textiles and design, contributing to two distinct yet interconnected realms.

At Glass Garden Beads, I am an integral part of the service and design team, where my days are devoted to the meticulous curation of bead kits. These kits are not just assortments of beads but carefully crafted experiences for ardent beading enthusiasts. Each kit tells a unique story, combining colors, textures, and patterns to inspire creativity and ignite the imagination. It's not merely about beads; it's about crafting a narrative that unfolds with every carefully chosen elements.

Simultaneously, my creative endeavors extend to the Brigg Evans Design (POD) business, where my focus is on producing captivating textile designs. Here, I dive into the world of patterns, motifs, and textures, weaving together a visual language that speaks volumes. Whether it's translating a concept into a stunning fabric design or exploring the interplay of colors to evoke emotions, I thrive on the challenge of creating textiles that transcend the ordinary. Each design is a testament to my commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing the unconventional in the world of textile artistry using the Serti-Batik Technique.

What ties these diverse pursuits together is the concept of our charming "Tiny Shop," a haven where the fusion of artistry and craftsmanship finds its most authentic expression. It serves as a melting pot for creativity, a space where beads and textiles coexist harmoniously. The Tiny Shop is more than a physical space; it's a philosophy that encapsulates the belief that creativity knows no bounds and that true artistry lies in the ability to weave together disparate elements into a seamless whole.

Join me on this captivating creative journey where every design is a story waiting to be told. In our Tiny Shop, beads and fabrics are not just raw materials; they are brushstrokes on the canvas of self-expression. It's a space where the tactile meets the visual, and every creation is a testament to the boundless possibilities that unfold when passion and craftsmanship intertwine.

Whether you're a seasoned beading enthusiast, a textile connoisseur, or someone simply drawn to the allure of creativity, the Tiny Shop beckons. Explore the intricacies of bead crafting, immerse yourself in the world of textile design, and witness the magic that happens when these two realms collide. In our Tiny Shop, creativity knows no limits, and every visit promises a new discovery in the realm of art and design.

Sally Herr / Kit design Production and Projects / Shop Assistant

Meet Sally, a lifelong hobbyist and former business owner, bringing a wealth of experience and passion to our team. As a genuine bead enthusiast, Sally is a valuable helper and advisor, constantly introducing new projects and beads to our attention. Her keen eye for design and dedication shines as she stitches all the designs for kit production and display. Sally's expertise and enthusiasm make her an invaluable member of our team, enhancing the creative energy that defines our workspace. We're fortunate to have Sally contributing her skills and love for beads to our vibrant community.

Lori Johnson / Introducing Lori, our Kit Assistant and Creative Crafter, who brings a unique blend of creativity and compassion to our team. Lori's love for wire crafting adds a special touch to our kits. Beyond her creative talents, Lori is a BIG-TIME dog and animal lover, going the extra mile by providing a special bathtub for road-rescued turtles. Her caring spirit and imaginative skills make Lori an invaluable asset, adding both warmth and creativity to our workspace. We're thrilled to have Lori on our team, where her passion for crafting and love for animals truly shine.


 Contact Info:

Glass Garden Beads and Brigg Evans Textile Design

318 Central Avenue North

Suite B-2  Lower Level

Faribault, MN 55021

Studio/ Suz Cell: 507-330-1367

Email us at: glassgardenbeads@gmail.com