Easy Summer Days

Easy Summer Days

The chill in the air is gone, and we find ourselves in shorts and tees, long skirts and blousy shirts. It's that time of year for gardening, swimming, weddings, picnics, bike rides, and long walks.
Of course for those who bead, it's also the time of year to BEAD! Trends for the summer are turquoise, leather, cord knotting, and kumihimo. We have a kit for whatever intrigues you. Check out the Coachella, Stone Fox, Treasure Trove, or Owl Knotting Kit. The Tree of Life also has a certain lightness to it. 
Coachella is a fun boho style necklace. Stone Fox uses semi-precious stones and leather to create a a wrap bracelet. Treasure Trove gives kumihimo a beautiful "twist".The Owl Knotting Kit is a great way to start knotting, and Tree of Life is a charm bracelet that puts your wire wrapping skills to use. Now where to start!?!
In the mood for a project? A popular project that we're featuring right now is called Frivolous Fringe. All you need is a box of our small bead mix and a tube of size 8 seed beads. Then choose from a two piece or 3 piece (you need an additional tube of beads) and one of our color groupings and you're set! You probably have everything else you need lying around the house!


Frivolous Fringe

Click on the link to get yours: http://glassgardenbeads.com/search?q=frivolous+fringe

Also a huge "Thank You" to everyone that visited us at  Bead&Button 2016!


Make sure to check out http://glassgardenbeads.com/!

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