Autumn Harvest

It's that time of year.....time for pumpkins and Indian corn, crisp apples and miniature candies. As the crisp winds blow in and the leaves start to fall, we settle in to do what we do best- Bead, Of course. And with each bead, we get closer to putting the finishing touches on those holiday gifts. We sit with our cappuccino and craft and create, we find a stillness in all of the chaos.


Pictured above is one of Glass Garden's latest creations-the Flat Spiral Project. These bangles are perfect for the fall/winter ahead, with just the right amount of dimension and sparkle. We personalized the flat spiral stitch adding our mixes! Starting at only $8, this project is just right for a crisp fall day. Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself.(We won't tell!)

Here are a few more of my favorite things for fall! 

There's a lot going on at Glass Garden Beads right now-Definitely check out our events page and join us at a show or at the store.

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