Business Update:

Business Update:

Hi everyone,

I feel I have been out of touch more than in the past. So here is an update.

Retail (our current bead shop location) is moving and downsizing. We are still at the same building just moving to the lower level. It is our current kit room processing area. Yes retail will continue in a much smaller scope. We are continuing the seed bead selection, delica selection, growing our kit offerings and carry all the misc. items that go with the bead and textile kits. Select hours will be posted when we get all settled.

Yes you will still be able to join us in our space to bead and gather at select times. Space is smaller so 6 people will be the max.

We can do mini teaching sessions and I want to increase our virtual teaching as well.

It's exciting with lots of physical work and sweat...LOL!

Here is my cell #. I'm in and out with gramma summer duties and shop stuff it is easier for everyone if you just give me a call. 507-330-1367

The targeted date to be up and operating is Aug. 1st. Stay Tuned.

I and my team love what we do and we want to pass that on to you if you are looking for something new to try. 

Suz and the GGB Team

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