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Happy Birthday To US - A History of Glass Garden Beads

See the History of Glass Garden Beads.

Est: 18 / 20 years ago by Catherine "Cathy" Collison.
Cathy started literally out of the trunk of her car and teaching. Cathy was the first beading teacher I ever had at the Faribault Art Center. I followed Cathy as she grew to a small shop located in the parking lot across from Dominos Pizza in Northfield. Taking more classes and just loving the color and textures of beads. Cathy made another move to Division Street down by the Archer House side of Division and then lastly to the 413 Shop right next to Hogan Brothers. A beautiful shop with pressed tin tiled ceiling and wonderful display windows. Low and behold Cathy needed some weekend help and I applied. I wanted something part-time and in a fun environment. Loved and Learned a ton. Then a time came where I had to leave Cathy's employ but I stayed a devoted customer of Glass Garden Beads. THEN came 2012 where I had the opportunity to invest in Glass Garden Beads with the intent to buy the business from Cathy. When the summer of 2015 came I saw I needed to simplify and downsize my responsibility load. The lease on the 413 shop space was up so decisions were made. Cathy had grown her 2nd company the, "Trinket Foundry" and wanted to complete the selling transition. June of 2015 I bought out Glass Garden Beads and continued to follow the downsizing business plan. Unfortunately with the downsize came the move. I say unfortunately, because Northfield is a wonderful place to do a retail business, I just could no longer run the home shop and continue to travel with the bead kit business. Health, Finances and Family had to take priority. No one wanted to buy just the shop bead business at the time so OFF to Faribault I moved. I have been at the Faribault location for 2 years now and find the combo business of ON-LINE BEAD KITS, Glass Garden Beads
and walk in STUDIO BEAD SHOP more manageable. I am the proud 2nd owner of a delightful business originally built by Cathy Collison 18/20 years ago. It would not have been possible if not for Cathy's courage, love and passion for the business of beads! If you want to check in on Cathy "NOW" go to

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