Glass Garden Beads is celebrating having a "Traditional Class" held in the shop for the first time since it's move in 2015 to Faribault, MN.

Why is this something to celebrate? We are a bead shop and isn't it normal to have classes? - Why the big deal !?

Here's the deal. Glass Garden Beads realized early on that the decline in the bead hobby interest was connected to finances, exposure and time in general. So when I moved the shop I started a concept called "Casual Learning" in the shop. With "Casual Learning" classes and projects do not have a instructor fee. No student minimum, and for the most part the students come on their schedule. This is not to dis teachers, not at all. The Casual Learning concept is to eliminate the finance challenge for those that may want to try the hobby or test out the hobby before putting out the cash and finding the hobby is not to their liking. 

"Casual Learning" at Glass Garden Beads has developed to be very successful to the point - students now are getting the swing of beading and liking it and are now asking for more. MORE means bringing in Instructors with more experience and greater challenges. MORE means Glass Garden Beads is now CELEBRATING it's first TRADITION CLASS with an experienced instructor. This week, Glass Garden Beads welcomed Judy Saye-Willis, an experienced  instructor and talented artist from a neighboring community, Northfield, MN. The class title presented this week is Bead Crochet and is scheduled for 2 days. 3 hrs per day.

When a student takes a traditional class there are Teaching Fees, Supply Fees and maybe mileage Fees. Yes, a financial obligation. In return the students, enjoy an instructor that dedicates their teaching time just to them. No shop interruptions, very little waiting and the fun of sharing with other fellow students. The students are exposed to the instructor's experiences and beautiful samples and get top notch step by step instruction. It is my belief - overall - the smaller the ratio of student to instructor yields a better class. 6 students is the max here at Glass Garden Beads when it comes to Traditional Classes. I'd rather add more classes than over populate a class.

So, "Why are Traditional Classes Important" when "Casual Learning" is so popular? Traditional Classes give students more training, exposure to more resources and naturally build confidence in the area being taught. 

See my illustration below: You can see the influence and the quality of output when exposed to a Traditional Class Session.

My calendar online will start to show more activity, so stay tuned as we continue our "Casual Learning" sessions and build Traditional Classes.

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