Mountain Paths

Mountain Paths

Sometimes a bracelet needs some talk'n about.

Once you make one half of this bracelet you make the other half and connect the two sides with the middle stitching. Nope no weaving loom ALL STITCHING.

Notice I had one color combination stitched a different length than the other. That is because this kit can be fitted to a small petite wrist 6.5" or a broad wrist 9".  I put in enough beads to add a pattern repeat if the customer needs it. You'll see on the Earth/Gold sample that there is a repeat strip section. These are the sections where beads can be added or subtracted to fit the wrist. One side is stitched, then the other side is repeated in duplicate. The middle section is the connector of the two halves. The stitch done in this kit is a ladder stitch. The same stitch used in the Ragg Rug kit. Don't be afraid of this kit. One row at a time and the directions are detailed and in color. I'm thinking up a Blue combo I think...LOL! I think yes it is one of the top colors for FALL!

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