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NEW DESIGNER - Susan McAndrews

New Design

Glass Garden Beads is excited to announce a newbie creator to our group. I am always on the lookout for creative people who are interested in collaborating in bead designs I can incorporate into the Glass Garden Kit Line. I met Susan at Bead and Button in Milwaukee last June. I believe I noticed a piece of jewelry she had made and a conversation began. Susan said she liked to work with all the new trend beads on the market. I find it hard to keep up with all the releases so my ears immediately perked up. After some emails and pics I fell in love with the Diamond Desert Duo.  Yes a new shape was incorporated with the Diamond Duo beads but what really got me on board was the use of the Crystal Rose Montees with the Diamond Duos. When bead artists add elements I find those pieces to differentiate from all "Free" patterns being released.  I believe the Glass Garden Bead Kits have to offer something with a bit of a twist that catches the eye. The Diamond Desert Duo sure will catch the eye when completed and worn.  Thank you Susan, I appreciate your sense of design and I'm delighted to be able to market this stunning kit. Susan has already sent me pics of bracelets where she used the NEW "AVA" beads.  Lordy the ideas just keep coming so folks stay tuned. Enjoy and remember, it is customers and designers that make doing business a REAL pleasure!

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