We started with the idea of taking some beautiful kits and doing a  Swarovski Crystal color story that equates to weddings and formal occasions. First on the list was "Blooming Crystal". We added, a creme/linen, a crystal/white and transferred the beautiful cameo pink AND of course you need the earrings when you have the beautiful bracelet!  RIGHT!??  As we are all doing this and there are so many gorgeous Swarovski Colors we want to plant another idea. How about choosing a crystal style that fits "YOUR" wedding, prom or formal occasion colors? We think this will work with the Blooming Crystal and the Tea Rose. Think about it. You could do bridesmaid bracelets to match your occasion colors. Go online and pick out the colors, let us get them for you and we'll kit them up for you. In the shop we can sit you down and help you make up your jewelry, or we can do this remotely via phone or a UTube video. Customizing will work with this style of kit.

I love this idea.

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Are you still making these kits? I love them a d have quite a few. I’d really be happy to have the bracelet shown. Please let me know. Thanks so much! A fall colored bracelet would be really nice too…

Pat Turner

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