The Scallop Wrap


Hi guys!
Today I want to talk about one of our bestsellers, the Scallop Wrap. We have revamped it a bit, allowing you to choose the color chain you'd like. Each color is available with gold, silver, or brass chain. The chain is lovely and a bit higher quality. 
The Scallop Wrap is cool because it can be worn as a necklace or a wrap bracelet. The tassel is a very versatile visual element. The Scallop Wrap is the first kit that I personally successfully completed. Suz always says "It gets the needle in your hand."
It's not hard to do, and as with every project, I found that doing it sparked other ideas and inspired other pieces! It doesn't take a long time to finish. It's almost meditative once you get going.
At the shows, this is one of our most talked about(and purchased) kits. It's great for the beginner beader, but also great for someone more advanced due to the mixed media. It's different, and it's fun. It's great as a gift-especially since now you can choose the color of the chain. For those who only wear silver or those who only wear gold, now you don't have to pass up a cool design due to the color of the metal. I remember when I would only wear silver. I always felt like I could NEVER find what I wanted in silver. Problem solved!
Until next time....
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