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NEW BUSINESS PLAN: SERVICE AND DESIGN - We are growing our beak kit line, by creating more kits, producing more projects, incorporating more Brigg Evans Textiles into kits and growing our class offerings. Our product line now is specific to the off-loom beading market. We have seedbeads, delicas and the expanded kit line plus finishing findings. A punch card system is now in place for customers who want to use the space to gather, chat and work on their own projects. Repairs are still done just check in with me on the type of work needed and I'll go through the process with you regarding doability and price. Check our website page for more details:

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Dr. Drew Sutton here, excited to share our team’s recent groundbreaking discovery in dental care. Forget traditional toothpaste and mouthwash—our latest research has revealed a surprising truth about oral health.

Your mouth’s bacterial balance is the key to a dazzling smile. But here’s the kicker: many dental products are causing more harm than good by disrupting this delicate ecosystem.

The solution? It’s not about killing bacteria; it’s about nurturing the right ones. To learn more about this groundbreaking discovery, I invite you to watch the video linked below. In this video, you will:

- Discover the truth about toothpaste and mouthwash
- Learn how to cultivate a healthy oral microbiome for a radiant smile
- Get easy strategies to prevent tooth decay and gum disease

This isn’t just about teeth; it’s a whole new way to care for your smile. Share this video with anyone who values their oral health—it’s a total game-changer.


Dr. Drew Sutton


Drew Sutton

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