We are the New Americana

We are the New Americana

Red, white, and blue. Stars and stripes. It's time to think about everything 4th of July. Everything summer. Beach blankets and ripped jean shorts. Fishing poles and sun kissed skin. Parades. Fairs. Fireworks.

For a limited time, we have our Americana Collection. There are 4 options to choose from-a girlfriend bracelet, a memory wire bracelet, earrings, or an earring and necklace set.

The small bead mix used on the bracelets is so cool-The red and blue stars and the light blue vintage beads make it just the right amount of fun and special. I also love how easy they are to make!!! It's something special that you can't find in stores AND it will easily be done in a night so you can wear it on the 4th as well as the days leading up to it. If you're into a little sparkle, definitely go for the Girlfriend(shown below). I'm loving how clean the silver looks paired with the red white and blue. The other bracelet option is to strand the mix on memory wire. Also super easy, but the cool  Americana vibe of the beads just makes the look. These bracelets are a "must-have"! I actually just texted Suz at the store to tell her that I need an Americana Girlfriend bracelet. lol. I don't want to miss out either, apparently.


For the Americana Girlfriend Bracelet: http://glassgardenbeads.com/products/americana?variant=18493030853


If you'd prefer a stitching project, we have the Americana Earring and Necklace Set (or you can buy the Earrings solo, although I'd go for the duo). I mean, just look at that chain! It makes the necklace. Again, loving the silver and then the Matte Black chain! So great!  If I did this kit, I would make additional elements. I would wear it for the fourth, but then I'd change trio of circles to a large pendant for fall. Possibly something accented with a deep forest green agate.. The chain is too great not to wear it all year long! And for the 4th, all you need is a plain red, white or blue tee or tank! Let your jewelry do the talking! A perfect way to stay cool and chic in this summer heat!

To get to the American Set(or any of the other Americana options): http://glassgardenbeads.com/products/americana?variant=18491426629


That's it for now guys. You'll be getting our email on Thursday so stay tuned. Think leaves. If you have any pics of some "leaf" themed jewelry you've made and you want to share them, email me, Erin, at info@glassgardenbeads.com. As this blog gains momentum, I'd love to feature your work. I always find it so inspiring to see what other people have created. I always say that it's just amazing- 100 of us could be seated in the same room, given the same materials, and we would each create something so incredibly unique and different. I love that!


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