Batik Banners / Table Toppers

Batik Banners / Table Toppers

I am a Textile Person and many of you know, that was my occupation out of college. Color was my strength. It wasn't until in later years I was exposed to the Serti Batik Process and that was the frosting on the cake. I learned how to mix my own dyes and color away. The Tjanting Tool was my pencil though that in itself was a challenge. I couldn't draw with my hand, I had to learn to use the whole arm and my hand was only used to hold on to the tool - hence the more primitive line. The Serti Technique was fencing in of the dye which I paint on with a brush. Sometimes bristle or even a foam brush is used. It depends upon the space you want filled. Batik can be one color layer or many. I prefer up to 4 layers so you get the unusual color shades when you place one layer of dye over another. I was so pleased this season to put together a textile that worked for table toppers or a banner. I will be continuing to release my batiks. The next release will be spring. The 2020 tree did sell out. Thank you to those that tried these from me. It is my desire to continue to offer my textile prints to you each season. 

The textile is a print taken from a scan of my original design. It is then printed on select cloth. This banner/table topper is printed on a light weight canvas. 55% linen and 45% cotton.

It can be purchased on the website:

Batik Topper / Banner Details

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