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Table Projects are simple fun, usually seasonal DIY Kit Projects. Our project for 10 yrs on up for April and May is Strand and Stitch Projects. Strand and Stitch with Cable Chain is the easiest way to learn "Off-Loom" Beading for beginners. We call our pattern "Circle Scallop Wrap". You will work with a needle and thread and literally strand beads and stitch them on to a small cable chain. The cable chain offers a great guide as well as a stable base. We use seed beads so you get acquainted to the handling of small beads. The time is about 2 hrs for the project of a bracelet. The fun part is choosing your own colors of beads right from the bead wall. We have a large assortment of seed beads and when you complete your project you will have had an understanding of using a needle and thread to make your color design. Next step would be a simple peyote stitch. We have lots and lots of patterns and we will have you on your way to loving the craft of "Off-Loom" bead weaving.

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