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Beads and Batiks made into Jewelry Kits

Batik and Beads Batik textiles Kits

Most who have met me know I'm always talking about my textiles and how I want to make them apart of the Glass Garden Beads Jewelry Kit line. Dipped my toe last year with a couple of bracelet cuff designs and a pair of earrings. So I started doing more batiks. I have ideas always flowing but the implementation is something else for me. Many of you already have experienced that, waiting for directions from me. I can tell you all, I'm VERY GRATEFUL for your patience. Anyway, I am loving these post earrings. Just little mini textile dots cut from my textiles then beaded and adhered to earring posts. I'm going to introduce these at the Twin Cities Bead Bazaar and will even be teaching a class. Yes I'll be putting these into the line as earring kits. I need to get the samples made. The kits will be in the mid twenties for cost and the earrings will be in sterling silver or gold filled. I might still do a bezel around the post backers. They are 1 inch in diameter.

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