Daisies on a Rope has a story.

Daisies on a Rope has a story.

Since I purchased the shop in 2015, Kate Wolf was my bead kit sample stitcher. The first Spring with GGB, Kate said..."Ok kiddo" how about a daisy kit. Glass Garden up until that time did not have short term or seasonal kits. So I stuttered a bit and said...ok Kate, put something together. Well from then on Kate did Daisy kits for me every Spring.

Sadly in June of 2019, Kate was taken to heaven. I always considered Kate as "OUR" Kate. Meaning she was Glass Garden Bead's Kate. So when spring started and this virus thing was upon us I contacted my current kit stitcher and said I had to get a kit out that were of Daisies and asked Sally if she was able to do the proto-type samples so we could market this kit in Memory of  "OUR" Kate. We gotter' done and I smile every time I look at this kit. I am positive Kate looked on during the whole process! 

So enjoy this Daisy kit...lots of love are in these Daisies!

Hope we did you proud Kate!

In loving memory of "OUR" Kate Wolf.

Smiling with a tear.



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