Finally Checking in!

Finally Checking in!

It has been a year since I downsized and closed Retail as once known as the Bead Shop. I'm still a shop just a "Tiny" Shop located in the lower level of my building I had the big shop in. I just moved downstairs. In doing so I've grown the creative. I've opened another business that is about POD (Print on Demand) which incorporates my Serti Batik Textile designs and scanned so the digital era is now being experienced by me. It is such a learning curve but I love the outcome. Meanwhile lots of people want to know about if I'm available for classes and teaching. Yes and we do it by appointment. Just give me a call and we work out times that work for the desired project or group. Currently we comfortably hold a seating for 6. If doing a project together then that is a perfect number. Less is great as well. I no longer have the hanging firepolish and accent beads. We are targeting off-loom beading so if you want to give this a try give me a call. I have taught 6 yr. olds to bead so I'm confident we will find a project that works. We are going to be starting a slow stitch group so think about that if the tiny beads are a challenge. Check out my video that gives a brief check-in regarding the shop and the other textile component I have going.

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