Strand and Stitch Techniques

Strand and Stitch Techniques

Stitch and Strand with Bead Mix Stash

The Strand and Stitch technique can be used with cable chain or alone. In this blog you will see how I have had fun and really nice results using Strand and Stitch to create necklaces and bracelets.

Strand and Stitch with Bead Mix Stash. I have put together some Bead Mix Boxes and used those beads to make a wildly fun long necklace that drapes over the head. Obviously if you don't want long necklaces, just add a clasp and make them the length you want. The stitching component used with some stranded lengths create dimension and interesting textures. Plus you get to create as you go. FUN FUN and Enjoyable.

Find the Box Mixes, HERE.

Find a short talk time video about Strand and Stitch, HERE.

Find the Digital Directions Guide Sheet, HERE.

Circle Scallop Wrap:

The other Strand and Stitch item I use with cable chain is uniform, repetitive and can be classified as a Beginner Level. The seed bead size you choose is up to you. Our  sample shows using the (6-color)15o color pallet packets. I would not suggest to start a brand new beginner with size 15o seed beads, but the technique is the same if you start with 11o or 8o seed beads. 

Find the 15o Seed Bead Color Pallet Packets, HERE.

Find the Digital Directions Circle Scallop Wrap Guide Sheet, HERE.

Find the Help Video, HERE.

Find Cable Chain for bracelets and necklaces, HERE.


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