Trends-Multiple Layers

Layers are whats in for winter. Not just vests and coats and thermals, but layered necklaces and an armful of bracelets as well. Necklace layering has become such a trend that several writers have broken it down into formulas! 

For a look at the formulas, click the link below.

It's considered one of the biggest jewelry trends of 2016, and there's lots of ways to do it. Something delicate with a statement piece. Layers of cool stones or beads. Tiered delicate chains, or an arm load of charm bracelets. The possibilities are endless. Below is some visual inspiration!

Layered Necklaces

Stacked Bangles

The Precious Drape

The Precious Drape Necklace is the latest of our ready-made/do it yourself series. It's a perfect necklace to layer or even wrap around twice, giving the layered vibe with just one necklace. Each color contains real semi precious stones as a lampwork pendant that was specially created for Glass Garden Beads.

Precious Drape Necklace-Linen Obsidian

Precious Drape Necklace-Toffee Amethyst




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