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Whats New-"Baby"

Check out this new kit made for expecting mothers. The mix, called Baby, is perfect for expectant mothers. Adding a Tree of Life charm and a blue(for a boy) or pink(for a girl) gemstone is the perfect finishing touch. Simple, yet meaningful-we love this new kit!
If you prefer to create your own design, the small bead mix in Baby is available individually!
This kit was actually created upon request of a woman at the Milwaukee Bead show last weekend. She needed something that would work for a boy or a girl.
that got our gears turning. and sure enough, we came up with this!
The Tree of Life charm is a great addition as it symbolizes growth, rebirth, and the endless cycle that is humanity. The sparkle adds a bit of chic and allows you to personalize the bracelet. If you wanted, you could add another charm for the month born or the First letter of the baby's name.
It's an easy bracelet to make. Anyone can do it. What a beautiful gift to yourself or someone special who is expecting!
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