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Glass Garden Beads

Casual Bracelet Set - 3 pcs

Casual Bracelet Set - 3 pcs

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Glass Garden Beads has created layered bracelets to go with a trendy and stylish way to accessorize, allowing you to mix and match different bracelets for a unique look. Not only can you mix and match you can choose which chain you like to go with your set. Your kit price includes a finished 9" bracelet chain. You will choose whether you want a  Curb Chain Style or a Petite Delicate Chain to be packed in your kit. 

The Casual Beaded Bracelet Kit Set includes:

  • A mix of beads colors in 11/o delica beads.
  • Synthetic Sinew Cord
  • 6-pound fireline and #10 beading needle.
  • Instructions on how to create each bracelet style to achieve a harmonious layered effect. The Stitches used are the "Figure 8" and the "3 bead Herringbone Spiral"
  • A finished 9-inch bracelet chain which you will choose the style you prefer.
  • Watch a posted video talking about the set.

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