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Designer, Catherine Collison

Gee's Bend Cuff (*)

Gee's Bend Cuff (*)

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A bracelet inspired by the incredible quilts made by the women of the Gee's Bend area in Alabama. Beginners will learn a version of the square stitch called a rounded square stitch. Each rectangle and square shape is explained in the directions. In each kit you will get a colored picture of the color combination, plus the directions now include a bead color chart! We have taken the guess work away. All shapes are stitched separately. Like a quilt the shapes are assembled together to complete the bracelet.


*As the squares are completed, use double sided tape and attach the squares to the colored picture keeping track of what is done. 

*Stitch together the shapes in sections so the bracelet is completed in sections. 

Our newest color addition is the combination we call "Metals". A majority of the beads are finished with a metal finish. This one combination is at a different price point because of the bead choice. It's beautiful. 


Designer: Catherine Collison

Time: (approx. 20 hours)


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