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Designer, Jillian Steger

Urban Strap (*)

Urban Strap (*)

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The Urban Strap
by Jillian Steger
This kit contains 2 major techniques.
Bead Stitching and Chainmaille

The stitches used are:
Ladder Stitch
Ndebele Stitch

The Chainmaille is European 4in1.

The chainmaille portion is not pre-assembled.
The kit is considered "Intermediate" and jump ring knowledge
is a pre-requisite.

The kit will make a bracelet length of 8.5"
Heather and Gaillard: Kit contents, Size 8* seed beads, Size 6 and 8 demi beads, 3 and 2mm jump rings, Button, 6# Fireline, Size 10 beading needle, colored directions.

  Intermediate Kit Level
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