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Glass Garden Beads

Batik Love Bird Peyote Cuff (*)

Batik Love Bird Peyote Cuff (*)

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The Love Bird Batik is the theme for creating this Peyote Stitch Cuff. The kit comes with all the beads, findings, needle / thread, directions and yes we are here to help you as well. The batik was created by me and once the wax is removed from the textile I have it scanned so it is transferred to a digital file. Once in a digital file I put it into a beading pattern. Tah Dah! you now have the "Love Bird" Batik design bracelet. This is a long bracelet so 9" wrists no worries. For more petite wrists you will remove rows from start and finish.

It is considered a Intermediate kit because of the detail pattern. There is a Colored bead graph and word chart.

I used the Cymbal finishing ends so when you wear the bracelet it will not roll on the wrist.

I love that my textiles can now be integrated into bead patterns. I hope you will enjoy this portion of our off-loom bead kits as well.



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